is just a more effective way to understand the world.


No matter what programming language or framework you choose, whatever your current skills or your goals, jump on the bandwagon...but at your own pace.


Whatever your level, you must now understand Cyberspace, speak at least some of its languages​​ and introduce you to some of its countless technological cultures.



→ Are you an expert, as well as a Fond of Code's member?

Log in, choose your workspace and create...


→ Are you advanced enough, but not yet an expert?

Choose the advanced level... and progress even faster!


→ Are you a beginner or still have doubts?

Start with the simplest, with HTML/CSS/XML/LESS.


Test online

Examples of source codes, exercises, complete solutions, libraries and support tools, tips and news...


On each page of exercises, regardless of the programming language chosen, you can test your work online, by choosing one or more external compilers offered.


The F.A.Q, the tutorials available but also the Info+ blocks, are at your disposal to consolidate your learning.


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